The Association of Catering Establishments (ACE) is still unaware of the true reason for closure of restaurants apart from it being the sacrificial lamb. It is also not clear while once again there was a discrimination in the sector by the health authorities closing down standalone catering establishment while turning a blind eye to restaurants in hotels. Both types of establishments should remain open as statistics published clearly show that catering establishments are not the cause of pandemic diffusion.

Health Ministry not transparent

Furthermore, ACE refers to the previous questions it has placed which remained unanswered meaning to date the Health ministry has not published independent, signed, studies showing that restaurants are the cause of COVID 19 diffusion.  Similarly, ACE requests the studies engaged on diffusion due to household parties and other illegal activities. From the information published so far, the reason of closure for restaurants remains a mystery and corroborates the theory that the Health Ministry needed a sacrificial lamb.

ACE urges once again the Health Authorities to publish the figures of passing away of persons due to financial distress issues and also the increase of mental health issues faced by entrepreneurs.

Health Authorities blindfold on the real problem

Various Government officials have been quoting statistics of enforcement visits. The number of visits is irrelevant if targeted visits are not done. All officials keep shifting responsibilities. Most illegal activities were published on social media including pre event advertising  The ACE reiterates that the health authorities have BULLIED the small entities with no or minor infringements and ignored the true issues. This despite the fact that they were warned on what was happening or better still on what was going to occur

Euro 1 thousand will contribute to Stock wastage

The Association of Catering Establishments (ACE) would like to thank Government for its new scheme which might prove sufficient for stock losses.

Apart from stock one needs to remember that there are rents, water and electricity and other expenses which we look forward to discuss how these may be addressed.

In order to save jobs and businesses it is imperative that the above are addressed.

More than ever before, the wage supplement needs to be given to ALL employees and not only some as otherwise people will be made redundant as establishments are cash depleted a year into the pandemic.

Vat payment deferrals should be announced as well