The Association of Catering Establishments (ACE) calls for the regulation of household visits and private parties/gatherings but no curfews

Empty tables of street restaurants on boardwalk in Malta during covid-19 coronavirus quarantine: Marsaxlokk, Malta – 29 June, 2018

The Association of Catering Establishments (ACE) refers to the recent calls for curfew in weekends. It must be noted that there is no scientific evidence thus far that the increase in the spread of COVID 19 is in any way related to catering establishments respecting the protocol in place. Consequently, it is unjust to call for measures that will further impinge on the operation of Catering Establishments and their livelihood. ACE members have been doing their best to ensure no spreading within their establishments and are at a delicate moment in order to safeguard their livelihood and that of their employees.

It is widespread knowledge that various gatherings are occurring in private residences and in hired accommodation places. This is even more so in the island of Gozo. It seems that this activity increases during festive weekends or bridge holiday weekends. In this respect, if the Health Authorities feel the need of further measures one should regulate visits in households by persons not habitually residing there and the gatherings in hired apartments or other accommodation places for the organisation of private gatherings of persons not habitually living together.

ACE continues to encourage its members to observe protocols whilst it encourages also the authorities to educate further on the protocols and on the dangers of gatherings beyond those allowed wherever these occur.